The Pasteur camp-site has a long and beautiful family history. This family tradition began its story during the 50's. Summer holidaymakers would come from all parts of France, driving their "2CV" or riding scooters, fully equipped with pup-tents and camp stoves. They came in the search of freedom, sun and the fresh air of Arès, already famous for its "Aérium" ( A relaxing space ).

Back in those days, camping in the wilderness was permitted and it was not rare to see camp fires at night.

However, there were those who had wished for a bit more of comfort and enjoyed meeting other campers to experience the joy and excitement of the first paid holidays in France.

They would go to the city hall, at the office of the "Syndicat d'Initiatives" and ask the same question : "Where can we camp ?". Then, they would be sent to locals that would welcome them and lend their private property : hence, the beginning of the camping business! Lucie and Armand Ducamin-Coq, the grandparents of Jean-Marie, the actual owner, owned this well located, wooded piece of land, not far from the Basin, approximately 200 meters from down town and businesses.

The Pasteur camp-site would be the first camp-site created by oyster-farmers. Keeping in tune with the family spirit, it was the idea of togetherness and sharing that would prevail : Lucie would play cards with the campers and big dinners were made to allow the campers to share in a delight of chicken and fries every Sunday afternoon, before playing "pétanque..."

Later on, Colette, Jean-Marie's mother, came to lend a helping hand and took over the family business. Jean, her husband, an oyster-farmer, never hesitated to take entire families on board and embark on the discovery of his job, the Basin and the sea.

The legacy lives on with Jean-Marie and Patricia to continue this story while keeping the values of the family tradition. Of course, things have changed a bit : swimming-pools, playgrounds, snack bar, bike and motor-home rentals and so on but it still has that "good ol' times" feeling floating around. Have no worries for the future : Once Jean-Baptiste, Jean-Marie's son, a member of the French sailing team, retires from his sports career, he will have the wind in his sails and the ability to carry on the camping family saga.